Sign Production/Installation Services

Sign Production/Installation Services

Good Design Does Not Change With The Times

Technology has changed the way we design and produce signs, billboards, and other displays. But it hasn’t changed the basic design principles. Software like Photoshop makes it easier for people to create sign designs. But that doesn’t mean that they have the training needed to design effective billboards and signs.

Brad Hominick does.

Brad apprenticed in billboard design, production, and installation for almost 20 years before founding his own company, Brad Hominick Productions (BHP) Inc., in 1998. Those years of experience – and his many years since – are part of the reason why BHP is simply the best sign production company in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario, sought after by marketing and design companies across the region.

BHP specializes in large format advertising including billboards, store signage, and multiple installations/large projects. BHP has worked on over 100 installations throughout Northwestern Ontario. We can work with you providing any or all of the following services to ensure that your installation has the maximum impact to get your message across.


BHP can design your billboard or sign from scratch. Depending on the type and scope of the project, Brad will do the complete design in-house or work with other design professionals to produce an effective advertising display. Either way, the emphasis is on producing quality, eye-catching design suitable for your display format.



BHP uses only the best production materials and techniques to ensure your display is long-lasting and able to weather the elements of our harsh Northwestern Ontario climate, including high-quality vinyl and automatic UV curing. Most printing is done onsite at BHP, though BHP has access to other printing companies for specialty projects and during high-volume times.

Signs, Banners, and Other Displays

BHP has provided signage in almost every display format, from hand-painted signs to banners and permanent installations. When you hire BHP for any display project, you can be sure that you will receive the best materials, productions techniques, and production values available.

No matter what your project, you can rely on BHP to take care of all the details throughout the production process.


Proper installation and placement is crucial to the effectiveness and longevity of your display. Brad Hominick personally installs or oversees the installation of every major sign and billboard to ensure it is safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing.

Other Services

Billboard Rentals – CBS Outdoor

BHP is the Thunder Bay and area rep for CBS Outdoor for Posters (Billboards), Superboards (Bulletins), Backlights,
and bookings for other displays as well as production and installation of your advertising.

Design/Production Consultation

For larger projects, sometimes it helps to get a professional opinion during the planning stages so that you fully understand the scope of the project including the costs involved. BHP can work with you on a consultancy basis to help you create an effective display strategy that includes everything from messaging and design development to location and multi-site planning.

Valhalla Inn


Not ready for a new sign? BHP can restore and rejuvenate your old sign to give your business or organization new look without undertaking a whole new installation.

Custom Billboard Construction

BHP can help you create your own road-side billboard, from design and construction to helping you choose appropriate locations and securing the necessary permissions.