Terrace Bay Welcome Sign


This Welcome Sign on the eastern side of the Township of Terrace Bay is part of a larger revitalization project. The project launched in 2007 with the goal of making the community more inviting and attractive for tourists passing through the area.

BHP was responsible several aspects of the revitalization project including full production and installation of the this sign from the architect’s drawings. In fact, this project is an excellent example of what BHP does best: bringing large signage projects to life from planning to completion.

Except for certain elements of the project that were outsourced to professional subcontractors like site preparation and the stone support structure, Brad Hominick acted as project manager to oversee its construction. For the production of the actual sign, Brad broke  it down to its core elements, constructing each part of the sign in his own shop to ensure that each piece met his own high production standards for accuracy, durability, and longevity.

Once completed, Brad transported the sign to the site for installation. A natural perfectionist, each piece was installed and mounted to within millimetres of acceptable error.

The result: a fresh, new Welcome Sign that will serve Terrace Bay for decades to come.

BHP provided other signage for Terrace Bay including highway signs leading up to the community and signage throughout the downtown.

Brad Hominick Productions was responsible for the manufacture and installation of a number of highway signs in the Township of Terrace Bay.  We were very impressed with their level of professionalism in meeting our needs and the quality of the finished product.  Our signage continues to receive positive comments and we credit Brad Hominick Productions for assisting Terrace Bay to looks its best.

Sean Irwin
Special Projects Co-ordinator
Township of Terrace Bay